Substrate and climate computers Agriware

Substrate and climate computers Agriware

Mastop Totaaltechniek supplies Agriware substrate and climate computers. This is a safe and reliable system and gives the user all the control they want. Clear information is provided, and problems and/or risks such as night frost are communicated in good time.

Versatile climate technology

Agriware excels in ease of use, versatility and reliability. The fertilisation software in particular is simple and very accurate. Moreover, Agriware – no matter how simple the base operation – can always be expanded with more options. This allows Agriware’s climate and substrate computers to grow with your needs and the developments of the organisation.

Easy of use: in and around the system

The system has a central process computer with clear operation and a 7-line display on the housing. The menu selection buttons below the display provide excellent step-by-step guidance through the Dutch-language operating menu. So no codes, just Dutch.

The climate and substrate computer can be equipped with the “Windows control” module as an option. This ensures the software is fully connected to a desktop graphically and that you can operate the climate and substrate computer with a PC. This option means you no longer have to operate the computers on location, but from wherever you like. In addition, the system can be linked to an app on your phone for mobile monitoring and operation.

Agriware for your company

We can help you choose the right configuration and the right equipment. We can also monitor some of the processes for you. If you have opted for Windows operation, we can remotely answer questions and resolve issues. Would you like to know more about your options? Feel to contact us.

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