Groene gevel irrigatiesysteem

Water technology – Irrigation systems and retention roofs

With our innovative systems, we make sure your green projects stay green even in severe (weather) conditions

Irrigation systems: Are you looking for an innovative and reliable irrigation system for your garden, green roof or green facade? At Mastop Totaaltechniek we offer a complete irrigation network that guarantees your plants water and nutrition. You can choose a standard MT-ECO / BASIC system, where we distinguish between a system with or without nutrition, depending on the needs and environment of the plants. But we also offer our innovative Irriview irrigation system. This allows us to manage and monitor the system remotely all year round.

Retention roof system: Besides irrigation, we can also provide a retention roof system: Blue-Meteo. Blue-Meteo can buffer rainwater on a roof and discharge it in doses to prevent flooding. But it can also supply roofs with water during dry periods. Moreover, the collected rainwater can be used to irrigate the plants of your green facade or ornamental garden.

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Irrigation systems with remote management


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Retention roofs


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