Our vision

A green world

We believe in the importance of the world becoming greener, and cities in particular. This will improve the health and well-being of mankind. Greening is good for biodiversity and helps fight heat stress in cities. It also lowers CO2emissions, which is also good news for the climate.

The origin of green

A greener world starts with the grower. These people grow the plants and trees that are planted in public green spaces, ornamental gardens, roof gardens or vertical walls. We therefore want to be able to offer that grower a total solution, from a cultivation floor to the right approach when it comes to nutrition and watering. The plants subsequently used in public green spaces, ornamental gardens, roof gardens or vertical walls will then grow to be healthy and green. And we are more than happy to take over and help ensure they remain green.

More than just “green”

Of course, when we consider a green world, we should not forget about sustainability. Economic, responsible, and therefore sustainable use of water is something we pay great attention to. We think that greening cities and controlling rainwater buffer capacities is a great combination to tackle the flooding problem while also using the buffered water for irrigating plants.

For us, a green world also means sustainable use of energy. We are therefore happy to use transformers in our irrigation systems if necessary. And by using energy management, we can provide insight into the sources of energy consumption and consumption rates, and therefore offer advice about where significant savings could be made.

Our goal is to increase our specialisation in this green total package and to continue to develop our ability to provide advice about the fertilisation, treatment and controlled use of water, as well as the associated control and monitoring systems. In short, we will remain innovative and continue to ensure our systems use precious water and energy more efficiently.

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