Blue-Meteo: prevent flooding and reuse rainwater

A Blue Meteo retention roof by Mastop Totaaltechniek is a weather-dependent control system that manages and monitors the amount of rainwater, with the aim of preventing water overload due to peak showers and promoting the reuse of rainwater.

What is Blue-Meteo?

A “Blue Meteo” retention roof system, such as the one made by Mastop Totaaltechniek, is a weather-dependent control system that manages and monitors the amount of rainwater from a buffering roof, with the aim of promoting the reuse of rainwater and preventing water overload due to peak showers. With Blue-Meteo, you not only enjoy a comfortable and safe living environment but also contribute to a sustainable future through optimized water management.


  • Energy savings during dry periods: Blue-Meteo automates the control of valves and pumps, thus preventing heat stress. By using our special filling option, the system can ensure that a certain minimum amount of water is pumped to the roof during prolonged drought periods. Consider the required amount of water for the rooftop garden or as additional cooling capacity for the building. Indeed, the evaporation of moisture provides cooling. This not only results in a more comfortable living environment but also in significant energy savings.
  • Prevents water overload during heavy peak showers: Our system ensures efficient drainage of rainwater, thus preventing water overload. This prevents damage to properties and limits the overload on the sewage system during intense rainfall.
  • Sustainable reuse of rainwater: Blue-Meteo provides the opportunity to reuse collected rainwater. This promotes sustainable water usage, reduces reliance on external water sources, and contributes to environmentally friendly practices. The water buffered on a roof can be used to irrigate the plants of your green facade, roof, or ornamental garden, and/or as a supplement to your greywater buffer.
  • Blue Meteo seamlessly integrates with Irriview, our remote-controlled irrigation system. This optimizes the functionality and control of the rain buffer within the irrigation system.
  • Peace of mind: The buffer data from a roof is retrieved by our “Blue Meteo” server every night, during which the technical functioning of the system is also checked. If threshold values are exceeded in between, the system is capable of sending a notification to our “Blue Meteo” team and to the customer.

Here’s how Blue-Meteo works

With our Blue-Meteo system, we install a special motor-controlled valve in the rainwater drainage. The system is particularly effective with so-called ‘Pluvia’ or ‘Quickstream’ systems, but it can also be integrated into conventional rainwater drainage systems.

Our valves are equipped with a heating element and a feedback of the valve position, and due to their IP67 rating, they can be installed both indoors and outdoors. We can connect multiple valves of this type to just one computer, so there’s no need to purchase an individual control for each drainage system.

On the roof, the water level is measured with a sensor. The system calculates the remaining volume of the buffer capacity based on this information. With that data, the computer can then determine whether the valve should remain closed or if the existing water should be discharged, calculating the required flow rate for doing so.

In some cases, subsidies may be available for Blue-Meteo systems. For more information, please visit this website (NL)

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