Blue-Meteo: prevent flooding and reuse rainwater

Heavy rain showers can throw your irrigation system out of balance quickly. A Blue Meteo retention roof from Mastop Totaaltechniek is a weather-dependent regulation system that manages and controls the amount of rainwater with the aim of reusing rainwater and preventing flooding resulting from heavy showers.

Sustainable water storage

Using Blue Meteo, you can store rainwater to irrigate your vegetation façade, roof or ornamental garden plants and/or supplement your grey water buffer. The advanced system monitors the weather and controls taps and pumps to prevent flooding during heavy showers. In addition to buffering or discharging water, the system can also supply water to roofs during dry periods.

Remote control and insight

Blue Meteo ensures you always have insight into the data. And we can take care of this for you. Blue Meteo ensures remote monitoring will take place. The roof buffer data is retrieved every night by our server, and the technical functionality of the system is checked at the same time. If limit values are exceeded between log-ins, the system can send a message.

Blue Meteo can be linked to Irriview, the irrigation system with remote management. As a result, we can optimise and control the integration of the rain buffer into the irrigation system.

How Blue Meteo works

Mastop Totaaltechniek monitors Radargram closely to obtain weather data for controlling the system. This company is owned by Edwin Rijkaart van Cappellen, who is known for developing, among other things.

Radargram generates a high resolution 3-D map of precipitation, 24/7. The data comes directly from the KNMI and the Deutsche Wetterdienst. Our Blue Meteo computer uses a Geofence. A Geofence is a virtual fence that we place around a location being monitored. As soon as showers enter this Geofence, as detected by Radargram, processes can be initiated to control motor-operated valves and/or pumps.

Because the radar data is constantly updated, and showers can come and go suddenly, speed is essential. The HARMONIE weather model, which has been developed over many years, helps us collect these signals a few hours before showers strike. Should a heavy shower enter the Geofence, the computer will detect it and take the necessary action.


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