Irriview: irrigation system with remote management

When you set up a green wall, green façade or other green project, it is important to take great care of it. Unseen problems can quickly arise in a green project. Irriview remote management from Mastop Totaaltechniek B.V. offers a particularly advanced irrigation system that remotely monitors your green wall or green facade.

Automatic irrigation system

The Irriview irrigation system automatically connects to your project. Irriview collects all the necessary information such as water consumption, moisture and temperature values and pump activity and sends it to the server. This provides constant insight into the current and previous status of your green project. The Irriview platform, which is always available to you, displays the measured values in clear graphs. If desired, we can e-mail a regular report with the relevant data.

Irriview helps you keep track of the status of the green project. This will ensure you can prevent irreparable damage to valuable plants, which could result from technical defects such as a power failure and/or stagnation of the water supply. In addition, if a problem does occur, you have clear information so you can easily deal with your insurance company.

Water consumption, moisture values, temperature, etc. are recorded so that ideal moisture management can be obtained without wasting precious water.
With that, we scored a sustainability passport with NL Greenlabel!

Relief through remote management

Mastop Total Technology will completely take over the control and management of the irrigation system for you. From the “Irriview control room,” we log into the project twice a week. We will look at the overall moisture balance of the plants and check the fertiliser levels to make sure they are sufficient.

In the meantime, the system will send us an alarm message as soon as it detects certain limit values have been exceeded. We will then immediately take action and let you know about it. If some system components need to be repaired and/or replaced, Mastop Totaaltechniek has a breakdown service that can be deployed 24/7.

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Irriview remote management summarized

Use of our server and your own home page with login code and password

Program with the following options from the start of measurement:

  • Moisture level
  • Temperature
  • Pump activity
  • Ec and/or pH (if installed)
  • Understanding the water consumption of each individual faucet

Automatic notification when a limit is exceeded:

  • Moisture level in the wall too low
  • Flow detection (moisture demand but no liter count)
  • Leakage (liter count but no moisture demand)
  • Fertilizer supply below level
  • Level of break tank too low
  • Power failure and pump alarm

Settings that can be adjusted remotely:

  • Moisture settings
  • Irrigation time settings (liters or minutes)
  • Injection pump settings
  • Frost program settings

Regular maintenance

Periodic maintenance of the system is important to ensure it remains operational. Mastop Totaaltechniek offers a maintenance contract in which the system will be maintained every six months. This will include the following work activities:

  • Checking for operation, fixings and any leaks
  • Cleaning/replacing filters
  • Checking floats and seals
  • Checking/solving sensor malfunctions
  • Cleaning slurry pump cq injection head
  • Replenishing fertilizer

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