Stand-alone sprinkler system with MT-BASIC and MT-ECO

Do you want the irrigation of your green wall or green facade to be automatic? Then our irrigation system is the ideal solution.

Automatic irrigation system

A stand-alone system is a complete irrigation system with a rain dispenser. This ensures that the irrigation of your green project, whether it is a green wall with vertical greenery, green facade or roof garden, runs automatically. Mastop Totaaltechniek offers two types of stand-alone irrigation systems. MT-ECO offers the option of applying fertiliser along with the irrigation. These systems therefore consist of a litre counter and an injection pump. The MT-BASIC system only offers the possibility of applying water. It is possible to install an SMS alarm with these systems. The specified contact person then receives an SMS when the irrigation computer has no power. This way, damage to the planting can be prevented.

Automatic irrigation system with remote management

Do you want remote insight into the status of your project? You need Irriview. While MT-ECO or MT-BASIC ensures a regular supply of water to your plants, you can gain insight into this process with an automatic remote sprinkler system. Irriview lets you know when there is a technical malfunction or if another type of problem has occurred.

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