Stand-alone sprinkler system with MT-BASIC and MT-ECO

Do you want automatic irrigation of your green wall or green façade? An irrigation system would be the ideal solution. In addition to remotely-managed irrigation systems such as Irriview, Mastop Totaaltechniek also offers stand-alone irrigation systems. These ensure your plants always receive the attention they need.

Automatic sprinkler system

A stand-alone system is a complete irrigation system with a rain control unit. This system will provide automatic control of your green project sprinkler system, whether this is a green wall with vertical greenery, a green façade or a roof garden.   Mastop Totaaltechniek offers two types of stand-alone irrigation systems. MT-ECO offers irrigation with fertilisation. These systems consist of a flow meter and injection pump. The MT-BASIC system offers simple water irrigation.

Automatic irrigation system with remote management

Do you want remote insight into the status of your project? You need Irriview. While MT-ECO or MT-BASIC ensures a regular supply of water to your plants, you can gain insight into this process with an automatic remote sprinkler system. Irriview lets you know when there is a technical malfunction or if another type of problem has occurred.

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